Post Production

Once the recording phase of a project is complete, there are several more stages of production to go through to create a final product. The essential key to all post production work is to make absolutely sure everything done to a recording preserves or improves its inherent technical and artistic qualities. The goal of all of this work is to achieve the recording’s fullest musical potential.


Editing is the process through which multiple takes are carefully selected and spliced together to create a more polished performance. Recording of multiple versions of a piece allows for the best parts of each to be assembled in such a was as to cover up any mistake or inconsistencies. Typically this is done for controlled session recording. However, for live concerts and recitals, multiple takes can be recorded during the dress rehearsal, or taken from multiple nights of a show. We are highly skilled in the editing of classical music, and use the most advanced digital software tools available. Pricing for editing services is charged at an hourly rate, typically based on the number of edits required.


Mixing is the process of combining multiple microphone signals together to create a two channel stereo product. At this stage, in addition to the delicate balancing between levels of the separate microphone tracks, various types of digital processing are applied to improve the sound of the recording. This could involve changing the warmth or colour of the sound, adding artificial reverb, or making adjustments to improve overall clarity. We always work with client input to find the ideal sound they are looking for. Even with a recording that is just two tracks, there are still many processing options available for improving the sound.


Mastering is the process of taking a completed mix and preparing it for final delivery. The first step is making any necessary final adjustments to the recording, with a focus on minor tweaks to the overall impression so it will sound at its best on a variety of playback devices. Second, we work on optimizing the level and dynamic range so the recording is loud enough to be comfortably listened to, but without introducing distortion or crushing the musical sound. Preparing a project for final delivery entails all of the technical nuts and bolts things that go into assembling multiple album tracks into a final file that can be delivered to a CD replication factory. At this stage, track ordering and timings between tracks are finalized. In the case of audio to be used in an online delivery, we add in the metadata to the files such as track titles and digital album artwork before converting the files into their final file formats (FLAC, MP4, MP3, etc).

The mastering process is tailored to the end delivery format of the music.  Regardless of where it is going, rigorous quality control checks are done to make sure the final product meets all artistic and technical expectations. This is the last chance to catch any problems before production or online delivery, and we take quality control very seriously.


Unwanted noise is an unfortunate reality of many recording situations. This can include all sorts of things like mechanical systems in the building, traffic outside, the hiss of lower quality recording equipment, audience noise, page turns, and any myriad of clicks, pops, squeaks, creaks, or thumps that invariable seem to occur at the worst possible moments. Using the latest audio restoration software tools, we can often dramatically improve problematic recordings with little or no negative effects to the desired musical sounds.

Web Audio

uploadThe age of social media and online services has placed new demands on what is expected from music recordings. Whether it’s adding samples to your website, uploading files for an audition, or building a YouTube portfolio, we can work with you to ensure your recordings are providing the best possible presentation of your work online. This can involve any combination of the post-production processes described above. We are also familiar with audio file formats and the major online services for showcasing your work. We are happy to take a look at the recordings you have and discuss what can be done make improvements.

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We also offer recording and instructional services. Examples of our work are available on the media pages.