Capturing a performance through a recording that successfully represents its musical essence is both a technical, and artistic challenge. Unicycle Audio comes prepared with top quality professional recording equipment and experienced musical ears to be able to address the diverse needs of different recording situations. Unicycle Audio does not host our own recording studio. Our services are based on providing on location recording. We work with our clients to find the performance or recording space best suited to the needs of a given project. Contact us for more information, and visit our media section for samples from our past work.

IMG_5799Live Concert Recording

Recording live performances presents many unique challenges. We always work with our clients to ensure the setup of microphones, cables, and equipment is as unobtrusive to the performers and the audience as possible, while still capturing a high quality recording.

In addition to detailed advanced planning, we always prefer to do a recording soundcheck before the show to optimize the microphone setup for best possible results, as well as making sure the performers are comfortable with any microphones used on stage.

Once recorded, we do basic edits to remove time between pieces, as well as adding appropriate fade-ins and fade-outs at the beginnings and ends. Volume levels will be optimized before final delivery on CD, or as online digital files in a range of format options. Optional services for further enhancement of recordings include additional mixing and adjustment of the sound, removal of noises, overall noise reduction, editing, and mastering or other dynamic range adjustments.

IMG_5775Audition Tapes

We are able to provide affordable services to meet the increasing expectations for professional quality recording of audition tapes. As with live recordings, we work with the performers to achieve the best possible recorded sound, while still ensuring they are comfortable to provide their best performance. We include basic editing and assembly of the selected takes for the final recording and delivery on the client’s media of choice. Additional production services such as editing and video recording are available if required. We strive to provide a variety of service options suited to limited budgets, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

IMG_9095CD Album Production

Recording a full album can be a complex project, but we can help with all aspects of production from beginning to end. This includes pre-planning, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and final delivery. If required, we are able to assist with the producer role during the recording and editing stages of the project. Depending on the comfort and experience of the client with the recording process, it is helpful, if not essential, to have a separate set of ears on the non performing side of the microphones to assist with keeping track of takes, following along with the score to offer a focused outside perspective on what additional takes are still needed, and then carry this through to the complex task of choosing edits. This is something we have experience with, and can help you with finding the right person to assist you through the various phases of the project.

Contact us for further information and pricing on any of our recording services. We are always happy to discuss your project with you.

We also offer post-production and instructional services. Examples of our work are available on the media pages.