Capturing a performance through a recording that successfully represents its musical essence is both a technical, and artistic challenge. Unicycle Audio comes prepared with top quality professional recording equipment and experienced musical ears to be able to address the diverse needs of different recording situations. Unicycle Audio does not host our own recording studio. Our services are based on providing on […]

Post Production

Once the recording phase of a project is complete, there are several more stages of production to go through to create a final product. The essential key to all post production work is to make absolutely sure everything done to a recording preserves or improves its inherent technical and artistic qualities. The goal of all of […]


Unicycle Audio is available for private and group lessons in the art and science of recording. This is ideal for those who are interested in making their own recordings, or improving on current abilities. We provide instruction in basic recording techniques, usage of portable recorders and microphones, computer software, and post production techniques. If you […]